President Superfluous

Don’t you think that we have enough anxiety in our lives already? I do. And so, to improve the quality of my life I’ve decided to cut back on something that I’m certain isn’t good for me. “Fewer Oreos?” Don’t be ridiculous. No. I’ve decided to stop paying any attention to President Trump. And I will not be any worse off for doing so. Not in the least.

Yes, I watch entirely too much CNN and other news. I like to stay well-informed, but Donald is everywhere, so I’m going to work and do other stuff more and watch President

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Brandon Scott – Laundering Campaign Contributions

Brandon Scott
Councilman for District 2, Now President of the City Council
Candidate for Mayor of Baltimore
Launderer of Contributions to Circumvent Campaign Financing Law

We all have an interest in improving election law to reduce the influence of money on primary and general elections.

In the course of figuring out what changes to advocate for campaign financing law, we’ve been looking at contributions received by the five leading candidates for Mayor of Baltimore. In
alphabetical order, they are Sheila Dixon, Mary Miller, Brandon Scott, Thiru Vignarajah and Jack Young. Contributions data are readily available at the Maryland Board of

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Phylicia Porter – Problematic Campaign Financing

Phylicia Porter
District 10 Democrat candidate for Baltimore City Council.
Problematic campaign financing.

Maryland-based Local Initiatives is committed to encouraging campaign finance reform in order to reduce the influence of money on the outcome of primary and general elections. In pursuit of this objective, we have been studying the campaign contributions made to candidates in selected races, most recently, for the Mayor and City Council of Baltimore.

This article is about the Council race for the Democratic Party nominee to City Council from Baltimore’s 10th district. District 10 runs between the harbor and the southwest border of the city. It’s

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“Testing. 1, 2, 3. Testing.”

If only it were that easy. Throw a switch in the control room and the economy is back on.

There’s an ongoing debate about how we can relax restrictions protecting public health to restart our economy. It’s a disagreement between doctors and scientists on one hand and the President and other Trumpy-Republicans on the other.

There’s an election coming in just six months and the President can’t wait for a vaccine. He needs his rallies, his campaign hoopla. He’d rather risk people’s lives than not be re-elected. And then there are the very real, long-term costs of having pulled the

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Breaking News: Does nothing good ever happen in Baltimore?

First of all, a confession. I live in Howard County. Full employment. High income. My wife and I have given up long ago trying to find a neighborhood kid to do yard work. My guess is they’re too busy washing the hand-me-down BMWs and Subarus their parents give them. When I grew up, I saved my lawn mowing and snow shoveling money to buy an old two-door Ford Falcon with three gears on the column and a bench seat. Girls you were dating would sit next to you back in those days.

Howard County has a very low crime rate.

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Sign of the Times

The screenshot below is from yesterday’s Sun article about the billboard. Whether or not it is related to Mayor Pugh’s scandalous behavior and the FBI’s investigation, it marks an extraordinary moment in the continuing downward spiral of Baltimore’s public image.

Not surprisingly, some contributors to the Mayor’s $1 million campaign war chest are asking for their money back. These contributors can feign shock and disappointment all they want. The truth is that they put up their money to buy accessibility and influence once Mayor Pugh was re-elected. Now that the Mayor’s political future is toast, larger dollar contributors can’t

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The Arrogance of Joe Biden

Now that Joe Biden has finally announced that he’s running for President, again, it’s time we asked ourselves, “What do we know about this character?”

For one thing, he really, really wants to be President. This is his third time running in the past 31 years and he’s yet to be his party’s nominee.

This time, he’s told us that he’s running to save the country from Donald Trump. If that’s the case, it’s as arrogant a statement on his part as when candidate Trump made a similar argument. Mr. Biden is not the only person out of the 20

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Replacing William Cole

As what might be described as a casualty of the mess that has turned out to be the administration of Mayor Catherine Pugh, William Cole is resigning as the head of the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC).  And not a moment too soon.  But then this isn’t about the specifics of why he should be replaced. It’s about a much larger problem, that being the entire mission of the BDC.

Cole, who used to represent downtown Council District 11 before coming to the BDC, was appointed to his current position in 2014 by Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who preceded Mayor Pugh.  He

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For the Birds

Of all the development options the owners of the Horseshoe could have proposed to go on the water, next to their Baltimore casino, is a Topgolf driving range/bar really the best they could do?

If you don’t already know, the owners of the Horseshoe Casino – the only one of Maryland’s 6 casinos that has been experiencing declining revenues in the past few years and with substantial support from Mayor Pugh and her Baltimore Development Corporation – are planning to put a Topgolf on these two adjacent waterfront properties…

The red Google Maps marker is M&T Bank Stadium “Lot J”

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