Category Search

Hi.  There are two ways to look for specific articles (posts) that might be of interest to you.  One is to look for key words using our website’s standard “spyglass” search function.  The other is to identify articles that might be relevant by the categories we’ve assigned to them.  How’s that work?  It’s easy…

Notice, on the right of the screen, that there is a column of “widgets.”  Scroll down that column until you see a widget entitled “Category Search.”  Click on the arrows to the right of the box where it says “Select Category” and a list of categories will drop down.  In parentheses next to each category you’ll see the number of related articles.

It’s a long list, but you can go through it quickly.  When you see a category that’s of interest to you, just click on it and a screen will open with excerpts from each of the posts related to that category.  Click on the excerpts and you can read and print, if you like, the entire article.

Thanks for stopping by.

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