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The Arrogance of Joe Biden

Now that Joe Biden has finally announced that he’s running for President, again, it’s time we asked ourselves, “What do we know about this character?”

For one thing, he really, really wants to be President. This is his third time running in the past 31 years and he’s yet to be his party’s nominee.

This time, he’s told us that he’s running to save the country from Donald Trump. If that’s the case, it’s as arrogant a statement on his part as when candidate Trump made a similar argument. Mr. Biden is not the only person out of the 20

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Topgolf: We dare you.

A conscientious reader of our website has sent us the following article from the Wednesday, February 13, 2019 edition of the Baltimore Sun.  It’s by Daniel Parsons, an English teacher at Frederick Douglass High School and it is essential reading for anyone who cares about the City and its people.  If you have trouble reading the version that you can see below, even after clicking on it to make it larger, click here to go to the article on the Sun’s website.

Please read it.

Here’s the thing…  We dare you.  We dare you to read Mr. Parson’s column in

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The Topgolf/Horseshoe Casino’s Homeless Family

As you may have heard, Horseshoe Casino revenues have been declining while revenues at Maryland’s other 5 casinos continue to grow.  This is not what former Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings Blake and current Mayor Catherine Pugh had hoped and anticipated.

So why is the Horseshoe under-performing?  Why hasn’t it been the development magnet city residents were promised?  No doubt competition from Maryland Live! in Anne Arundel County and even the MGM National Harbor in Prince George’s County is a factor.  But one of the other reasons is its location.  It’s in Baltimore City which is a problem in general

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Unemployment. How bad is it?

If you’re familiar with our work, you’ve heard us say or write the sentence, “Baltimore is a city in crisis.” We’re not kidding. We’re not just saying it for dramatic effect. It’s a fact. And why do we keep saying it? Because we’re concerned that our current city government and many candidates running for Mayor or Council don’t have an appropriate sense of urgency.

When we talk about the importance of jobs creation, it’s not casual, academic conversation. Not even close. From our point of view, the city has just arrived at the emergency room in very bad shape. Some

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