Complaint Dept.


If you have something political or governmental to complain about – maybe a Congressman/woman, Senator or state official who you think isn’t doing his or her job, or some God-awful government program – you’ve come to the right place. Tell us what’s on your mind by leaving a comment below.

Tell us as clearly as possible, and be specific. Who or what are you writing about and why, precisely, is he/she/it bothering you? Please include the city and state where you live. We’ll comment back to you, everyone of you, look into what you had to say, if we can, and maybe write a whole article about it.

Thanks for stopping by. Now come on. What do you have to say for yourself? Life is way too short to be quiet about important things that concern you. And don’t worry. We won’t always agree with your opinion, but we will always respect your right to have one and be respectful of it.


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