The Eldersburg Big Box Store Simple Survey

The question is, “Are you okay with re-zoning 1503 Liberty Road for individual store sizes larger than 100,000 SF?”

Hi. As you may already know, recent efforts to pass a text amendment that would increase maximum individual store size on all B-NR (Business – Neighborhood Retail) zoned property, countywide, from 10,000 SF to 50,000 SF were not successful.  The Board of Commissioners voted 4 to 1 against approval with District 5 (Eldersburg) Commissioner Doug Howard taking the lead on your behalf.

This was the second time that efforts to rezone the vacant property we’re showing you in the Google satellite

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Making Millions for the Few at the Expense of the Many

Every meeting counts. Thursday morning, July 6, beginning at 10 AM in Room 311 of the Carroll County office building at 225 North Center St. in Westminster, the Board of Commissioners will receive a briefing on a zoning “text amendment” affecting B-NR zoned properties and their neighborhoods around the County.


  • Without any impact analysis…
  • In advance of a new Comprehensive Plan that hasn’t been approved…
  • Based on a limited study funded by the owner of one of these properties…
  • Without regard for the effects on people living nearby…

…the Board of Commissioners is being asked to increase maximum

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Point, Counterpoint.

Arguing about the text amendment –

“It’s not the business of County government to be telling property owners specifically what they can put on land they own and would like to develop.”

“But that’s exactly what zoning is all about, isn’t it? You can put small retail here, big box stores over there, maybe townhouses, but not apartments…”

“Sure, but those are general restrictions based on thoughtful, comprehensive plans. What we’re not and should not be doing is telling a property owner specifically whether or not they can build a grocery store.”ˆ

 “Even if it’s a grocery store that the

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The Eldersburg Grocery Store Market Study

On Wednesday, June 7, the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission is meeting in Room 003 of the County’s office building at 225 N. Center St. in Westminster. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss a “text amendment” that will change all B-NR (Business – Neighborhood Retail) property in the county to increase maximum store size from just 10,000 SF to a whopping 100,000 SF. Big difference.

With few exceptions, a 100,000 SF maximum store size will accommodate most of what are called “big box stores.” Big box stores generate a lot of customer traffic, a good deal of

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Are “Big Box” stores coming soon to your backyard?!

On Wednesday, June 7, the Carroll County Planning and Zoning Commission is going to be meeting at the County office building, 225 North Center St. in Westminster. The meeting will begin at 6 PM in Room 003. (You’ll enter on the side of the building.)

For Eldersburg – and especially for the families who live around and nearby 1503 Liberty Road ¬– the highlight of this June 7 hearing will be the discussion of a “text amendment.” If approved, this text amendment will increase the maximum store size for all B-NR (Business – Neighborhood Retail) zoned property in the County

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Eldersburg: On one hand…

To be clear at the very outset, this is a story with no bad guys. Not the property owner, not the new grocery store company, not the people who own homes around the property and not the Carroll County government.  No villains.  No victims per se, although not everybody will be pleased with how all this turns out. Just people, with legitimate concerns, protecting and promoting their interests, with somewhat opposing points of view. It’s just life. It isn’t nor does it have to be contentious the way it is in Washington, just a few miles down the road. This

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Eldersburg: “Quibbling”

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hi, everyone.  “Quibbling” was the original title of “Eldersburg doesn’t need 7th grocer,” an op/ed piece that the Carroll County Times was kind enough to publish today under its “Other Voices” program.  Our thanks to the Times.  If you missed reading it, here, below, is the PDF print from today’s paper.

As always, your comments will be greatly appreciated.

Eldersburg Doesn’t Need 7th Grocer – May 4, 2017

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Strong petition. Weak response.

On November 15 of last year, two residents of the Homeland Condominiums met with Phil Hager. Mr. Hager is Director of the Carroll County Department of Planning and Secretary to the County’s Planning and Zoning Commission. The purpose of the meeting was to present to Director Hager a petition signed by 55 people who own or rent condominiums along Homeland Drive in Eldersburg. The Homeland Condominiums have a total of 70 units in three adjacent three-story buildings.

As you can see from the Google satellite image below, Homeland Drive borders the right side of the 22.6 acre mostly vacant property,

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Eldersburg: An Open Letter To Commissioner Howard

One of our readers has sent us a letter he wrote to Commissioner Doug Howard. It’s well-written and makes a number of good points. The more people who see it, the better. So here it is…

Commissioner Howard,

I am a new resident of the Eldersburg/Sykesville community, having recently moved here from Annapolis.

I knew what I was getting into with regard to the lack of amenities, having traveled back and forth for personal reasons for the last several years.

I am disheartened to hear that an Aldi grocery store is planned for empty space on Liberty Road and that

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