It’s time for an Eldersburg town meeting.

As you can see from comments people have been leaving at the bottom of our survey

Almost without exception, the comments we’ve received have been in favor of anything but another grocery store. The problem, of course, is that the property owner (a company) has every right to do what it considers to be in its best interests – as long as that choice is within the zoning for the property.

The property we’re talking about is 22.6 areas of vacant land along Liberty Road, between Georgetown Blvd. and Homeland Drive. It’s zoned B-NR. That stands for Business – Neighborhood

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Eldersburg: Meetings and Hearings Related to Development of 1503 Liberty Road

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hi. Here are some notes related to Carroll County meetings and hearings that have bearing on the development of 22.6 acres along Liberty Road, between Georgetown Blvd. and Homeland Drive. The property includes 1503 Liberty Road, the prospective site of a new LIDL (“leedle”) that will be Eldersburg’s seventh full-size grocery store.


Last Wednesday’s meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission…

The relevant portion of this meeting had to do with a “text amendment,” a change to the language that defines zoning classification B-NR (Business – Neighborhood Retail) which is how the property is currently zoned.

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Eldersburg: The Text Amendment That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Later this evening – at 6 PM in Room 003 of the Carroll County office building at 225 North Center St. in Westminster – the County’s Planning and Zoning Commission is having a hearing at which the Commission will discuss a “text amendment.”

This text amendment would alter the language of B-NR zoning (Business – Neighborhood Retail) to accomplish the following…

  • Increase maximum store size on B-NR property tenfold, from 10,000 SF to 100,000 SF
  • On all B-NR properties in the County
  • Just to accommodate a grocery store chain (LIDL, pronounced “leedle”) that wants to
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Creating Jobs In the Heart of the Food Deserts of Baltimore

The other day, someone asked us how we would bring employers to Baltimore. It’s a good question that we’ve decided to answer in print.

Here, in no particular order, are some simple strategies that we think the state and/or city should be supporting. If you’re interested, you can buy us lunch at a cheap diner and we can talk about it in detail over some home-made cherry pie for dessert. (Can you tell that our principal writer is dieting and can’t stop thinking about food?)

By the way, at least one of these suggestions may seem a little radical to

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Reasons Not To Approve The Eldersburg LIDL Site Plan

For those of you who have been following the coming of a new LIDL grocery store to Eldersburg…

“Excuse me.”

Uh, sure. Did you need something?

“Yes. What’s a ‘Liddle’?”

Good question. Actually, it’s pronounced “Leedle,” like “needle,” but with an L. LIDL is a huge grocery store chain, with 10,000+ stores in Europe, that’s just coming to the United States. The Eldersburg store, if it happens, will be one of their first over here. Think of LIDL as a larger version of ALDI, LIDL’s most direct competitor.

“What’s an ALDI?”

Sorry, but I’ve got to get this posted and

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One term wonder?

Every once in a while, we come across a first-term elected official who means well, a good guy who has potential, but who somehow gets off track, who goes down a road, takes a wrong turn and can’t find his way home. Four years later, he’s out, a promising career in government ended early.

Councilman Julian Jones, representing Baltimore County’s District 4, has his heart in the right place. He sincerely wants to protect commerce and neighborhoods in Randallstown from the negative impact of an Owings Mills Mall redevelopment plan that would succeed only at the expense of established business

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Councilwoman Almond gets it. Unfortunately, Councilman Jones doesn’t.

For those of you interested in the redevelopment of what used to be the Owings Mills Mall property, there’s a great article we recommend that you read. It’s called “An Uncertain Future.” It’s a highly informative piece that includes some choice quotes from Baltimore County Council Members Julian Jones who represents District 4 where the mall property is located and Vikki Almond who represents adjacent District 2.

Not incidentally, the article was written not by the Baltimore Sun or Baltimore Business Journal, nor was it broadcast by one of the local network news affiliates. It’s the December 30

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What a crock.

Earlier today, President-Elect Donald Trump, together with Japanese businessman Masayoshi Son, CEO of the Softbank Group, jointly announced that Son will be investing a whopping $50 billion in the United States over the next 3 years, creating 50,000 jobs.  What a crock.

Why do we say that?  Well, because, on the face of it, the $50 billion is a stupendous amount for a single business or person to invest.  The lack of specificity is notable, to say the least.  Donald Trump has a well-established reputation for exaggeration, for taking credit for things with which he had little or nothing to

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Trump’s Wac-A-Mole Economics…

…or “Wac-A-Molonomics” as we like to call it, but it’s hard to pronounce.

Now we finally understand President-Elect Trump’s keep-jobs-in-America policy. It’s his own special version of the classic arcade game, Wac-A-Mole.

On November 29, Mr. Trump – author, in name only, of the classic “Art Of The Deal” – took great pride in announcing that Carrier would not be moving approximately 1000 Indiana jobs to Mexico. Who knows what Mr. Trump and still Indiana Governor Mike Pence offered Carrier and/or its parent company, United Technologies. It’s the same United Technologies that does billions of dollars a year in federal

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Unbelievable. Councilman Julian Jones has withdrawn Bill 85-16.

At the November 21 legislative session of the Baltimore County Council, District 4 Councilman Julian Jones introduced Bill 85-16 to limit store size on Kimco’s Mall property. See “Jones For President?” for details. It was the right and politically smart thing to do.

Today, roughly between 1 and 2 PM, just 8 days after he introduced it, Councilman Jones withdrew the Bill. By process of elimination, it had to have been because Kimco talked him out of it.

That Kimco would resist Bill 85-16 is clearly proof positive that it does, in fact, intend to put a Walmart

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